Leading in Intelligent Fintech trading

Leading technical innovation
and creating a new era of investment

Our Vision

Enabling Smarter trading, with advanced investment technology

Our business lines

Financial technology

providing one-stop solutions for intelligent trading, data platform, risk control system, precision marketing, etc

Trading Services

Providing financial derivatives trading services such as currency pairs, energy, commodities, stock indexes, Hong Kong stocks and US stocks CFD

Investment Research

Exclusive investment research report covering global macro, Hong Kong and US stocks, foreign exchange, futures and other markets

Core advantages


One-stop investment platform, providing trading service, community, news and information


Mirror trading, smart order management, and risk control system to make investment simpler.


All client data is encrypted and funds are held in isolated accounts sepearte from the company's own funds, ensuring protection

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Topical Wealth Group不向居住香港的投資者提供任何經營性質服務或產品,本網站內容並未經香港證券及期貨事務監察委員會(SFC)或其他當局審查。
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